Thank You to national birth control website Bedsider for naming Women’s Health their
April 2016 Best. Clinic. Ever.
(And we love their illustration of our Boulder clinic!)

Boulder Valley Women's Health Center

Best. Clinic. Ever. April 2016

Showing the love to the best of the best clinics out there.

As if they weren’t cool enough for providing complete contraception options for women and men, every year Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center hosts a fundraiser called Condom Couture. Picture designer fashion made out of condoms and worn by models. It’s brilliant. Their mission, vision, and core values are pretty amazing too. They support reproductive justice. They serve people who experience unique barriers to healthcare access including mono-lingual Spanish speakers, youth, LGBTIQ, racial/ethnic/cultural communities, and people with disabilities. And they’re all about respect, compassion, and caring.