I’d like to tell you about a young woman named Julie* who lives in Texas… Julie found out she was pregnant, but knew she was not ready to parent. So she made the choice to have an abortion. However, Julie worried about being able to access compassionate abortion care in her home state.

You know that access to safe, legal abortion is under constant attack. Providers around the U.S. are faced with endless hurdles, forcing many to close their doors. This is why your commitment to reproductive freedom has never been more important.

Because of you, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center is different. We act as a safe-haven for patients in need. Women’s Health is one of only 13 remaining independent nonprofit feminist abortion clinics in the country.

Please make a donation today to ensure that remains true.

In April, Julie traveled from Texas to have her abortion at Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center.

As our patient, Julie did not have to face harassment from protestors. She did not have to hear medically false information as a result of anti-choice legislation.

At Women’s Health, Julie did get to speak with a professional counselor before her procedure. She did get to ask questions and receive accurate information from compassionate medical providers.

Most importantly, Julie got to make a choice for herself and for her future. She accessed the medical care she needed in a peaceful and supportive setting.

Julie’s story is not unique…

With fewer clinics like ours available, more people are forced to travel in order to access the services they need. In 2015, nearly half of our abortion patients lived outside Boulder County. And the number who lived out of state increased by more than 40%.

As the first abortion clinic to open in Colorado, we have a long history of creating access. The same passion and dedication that motivated our founders more than forty years ago remains strong today.

On behalf of all of us at Women’s Health, I want to thank you for your previous and continued support. Your commitment to choice and your generous donations allow us to meet the needs of our patients.

Our fight is not over. While providers around the country are being forced to close, it is imperative that abortion services at Women’s Health remain available and affordable. You can make that happen, and I’m asking for your help today.

Will you please make a tax-deductible donation to Women’s Health?

We are committed to keeping the cost of abortion low for all of our patients. Many, like Julie, have already faced a variety of obstacles. Cost should not be one of them.

Patient fees and insurance reimbursements do not cover our cost of providing abortion services. Each year, we need to raise more than $60,000 to make up the difference. Your gift today will help close that gap.

You will empower patients like this…

“This has been a very difficult time for me, but everyone here has made me feel comfortable and confident in my decisions. There is sincerity in every person I’ve spoken to, and I can feel their compassion for the patients. This is a decision that each woman should make from a place of confidence, not a place of fear. After much deliberation, I found the choice that was right for me through all the support that I am blessed to have. My personal situation wasn’t right to bring a child into the world … I’m very lucky to be in a place where I have control over my life and body, and I wish that for every other person out there.”

You believe people deserve to make informed decisions about their health care.  You believe that people deserve to do so in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. As we continue to fight for choice, your support has never been more critical.

Your donation today will allow Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center to remain open and accessible, while clinics continue to close all around us.  

Thank you for standing with us.

In Solidarity,

Susan Buchanan, Executive Director
Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center
susan@bvwhc.org | 303-440-9320 ext. 24