Casey* was devastated when she found out she was pregnant, because she knew she was not ready for a child. The financial burden that comes with parenting is what scared her the most. Unintended pregnancy is a top predictor of lifelong poverty for mothers and their children, and Casey was already struggling to make ends meet. So she decided to schedule an appointment for an abortion at Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center.

Casey was anxious about her appointment after hearing stories of what it might be like.

“But my experience here was the best it could have been. And that’s all because of the wonderful staff at this clinic. I’ve never felt more comfortable and welcomed at any other doctor’s office I’ve been to. After talking with the counselor, she helped me with financial aid, cutting the cost in half, which was a huge relief.”

Women’s Health was founded in 1973 as the first abortion clinic in Colorado. Our Reproductive Equality Fund (REF) assists patients who cannot afford to cover the full cost of their abortion — patients like Casey, who wouldn’t have been able to pay for her procedure without help from the Reproductive Equality Fund.

Because of generous supporters like you, Casey was able to access safe, compassionate, and affordable abortion care.

“Thanks so much for making this process a lot less stressful for me emotionally and financially. The entire process of getting an abortion can definitely seem scary, but this place as well as the staff is just absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you for helping me and comforting me through this whole process. It means the world to me.”

The Reproductive Equality Fund is supported entirely through donations from caring individuals like you. When you make a gift to the Reproductive Equality Fund, patients like Casey are able to access the care they need.

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*Patient’s name changed to ensure privacy.