susan-head-shot-2015November 2016

Dear Friend of Women’s Health:

As I write this, the recent election results remain fresh in my mind. You and I knew this one would be historic, regardless of the outcome. We are on the cusp of a new world order and we don’t quite know what that will look like. For Women’s Health, the future is now less secure.

You know that the services we provide are under constant attack.  We remain committed to safeguarding access to healthcare, and today I’m asking for your help. Our organization has successfully weathered the changes in the healthcare marketplace while staying true to our mission. But change is still occurring and there are still those who need the comprehensive services we provide.

With your help, we can reach that secure future. Women’s Health is here to serve our community, to ensure access, and you are part of the team making it happen. You, our staff, our patients, and our Board of Directors… together, we are stronger. Together, we are whole. With you on our side, we will achieve our mission.

Will you please make a generous gift today to ensure this care remains accessible?

Many of our patients face an uncertain future due to financial insecurity, lack of insurance, or concerns about where to receive the confidential and respectful care they need. I’m sure you can appreciate how difficult it can be to navigate a very complicated healthcare landscape. Our patients are so grateful to our staff for that help.

Each one of our staff members believes, as you do, in the importance of our mission to provide the highest quality reproductive and sexual health services to anyone who needs them – and it shows:

“First and foremost I want to thank everyone in this facility for all their help and support they gave me. I hope that this facility and staff can always stay here and help and give all the opportunities for future patients who need a second chance. I appreciate all the support and understanding for my situation and my experience here.”  -Women’s Health Patient

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Women’s Health is the only safety net healthcare provider in Boulder County that slides the cost of most of our services to $0. We are locally founded, locally focused and able to quickly respond to local community needs. When we are successful in preventing unintended pregnancy, women are able to complete their education and form stable relationships. If and when they are prepared to start a family, the parents and children are given the best chance for success.

You can appreciate how this one issue has the potential to change the world, and our staff understands this, too. But, let them tell you why they are passionate about this work:

“I am proud to say I am a staff member at Women’s Health … We are different than other clinics. We have excellent counselors, skilled medical staff, passionate clinic staff, and thoughtful, caring volunteers. We truly are a safe place for those that need us, whether those needs are accessible reproductive healthcare, education on how to have safe, healthy sexual experiences, or an abortion. Thank you Women’s Health for allowing me to continually strengthen my commitment to reproductive and social justice.”   -Annie Giangardella, Boulder Operations Coordinator

Our hardworking staff members provide the respectful, confidential care our patients need, and our Board of Directors provide the oversight and vision that sustains our organization. I am so lucky to have such intelligent, experienced, savvy people guiding and overseeing our organization. We attract people to our team who are not afraid to speak up and participate.

Our board members take their responsibilities seriously, share their expertise, participate as donors and fundraisers and pitch in to help when needed. They are my mentors, partners and confidants. You can be reassured that together, we thoughtfully prepare for the uncertainties of the future.

I chose to serve on the board to try to preserve within the community a place that cared about my kids’ sexual health and could meet their needs in an open, honest and helpful way. What has kept me serving is the privilege of being associated with a staff that is unparalleled in its commitment, thoughtfulness and professionalism.”  -Nalini Brown, Board of Directors

And completing this team is YOU – a generous supporter. With your gift today, we will:

  • keep teens educated, healthy and safe;
  • empower people to choose whether or when to parent;
  • ensure abortion remains safe and accessible for everyone;
  • enable transgender folks to receive respectful, affordable hormone therapy care,
  • make sure people without insurance can access the healthcare they need, and
  • help recent immigrants feel welcome and safe.

Will you please show your dedication to the team by making a donation today?

You, our staff, and our board come together to be the body and soul of Women’s Health. None of us can do it alone…

  • our staff are the hands on the frontlines, serving our patients;
  • our board members are the heads, providing vision and oversight;
  • and YOU, along with all of our compassionate donors, are the heart, giving generously to support this important work.

All of us are in this together, with shared passion and a vision of providing access for all in need of reproductive and sexual health services. Your part is critical to our success, and your donation will be deeply appreciated.

Regardless of the election results and despite the relentless attacks, our dedication does not waver. We are committed to continuing to assure all people in Boulder County have access to the reproductive and sexual healthcare services and education that they need in order to live full, happy successful lives. Thank you for your help in achieving this goal.

In solidarity,


Susan (Levy) Buchanan
Executive Director

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