Women’s Health offers impartial decision counseling when an unexpected pregnancy occurs. In a safe and supportive counseling session, women and their partners may explore the many issues that may impact their decision, whether abortion, adoption or parenting. Their concerns may touch on issues related to health, readiness, relationship, religious and spiritual matters, career, age, income.

Masters-level counselors provide active support and reassurance to women and their partners struggling with what can be difficult issues. We help women and couples to clarify their goals, preferences and reasons and to reach resolution around their decision.

A counseling session may include:

  • Providing insight into the decision-making process and exploring the consequences;
  • Affirming the capability of each client to assess her situation, to feel empowered and to gain clearer understanding;
  • Providing accurate information regarding reproduction, parenting, abortion, contraception and sexual health.

We empower people to be guided by their own values and feelings by supporting their own unique process.

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Call us today at 303-442-5160 to schedule a private counseling session. A professional counselor will meet with you at a time convenient for all parties.

We support your right to make an informed choice, whatever that choice may be.

Fees for decision counseling are on a sliding scale, based on a client’s ability to pay.