Dear friend,

First, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center and the patients we serve. Today, I also want to share a story with you about a woman and her family who directly experienced the impact of your generosity….

Rachel never expected she would end up at Women’s Health. At 27 years old, the last place I thought I’d be in life is considering an abortion. I love being a mom. I love my children and someday maybe I want more. I did everything right.”

Rachel had just given birth to her son five months before she found out she was pregnant again. The news shocked her and her husband, especially because she was taking birth control.

Alas, two days after my husband lost his job, we discovered we were expecting. We cried A LOT.” In that moment, they learned that experiencing unintended pregnancy is possible, even if you do “everything right”.

After careful consideration, Rachel and her husband made the difficult choice to have an abortion. “The decision to end this pregnancy came from love. Love of our boys and each other.”

Can we rely on you to make a generous gift today? Your support of our abortion services is what makes the difference for families like Rachel’s….

Rachel felt nervous about her appointment. After a sleepless night, she arrived at Women’s Health more than 30 minutes early. “I was terrified… my hands trembled. I felt like I was going to throw up.”

She heard her name being called, and as she walked back with the nurse, Rachel’s nerves went through the roof…

I thought for sure I’d lose my breakfast everywhere, until the nurse did something unexpected – she made me laugh. She made me laugh A LOT. Words cannot express how much I needed that.”

After dreading her appointment, Rachel ended up feeling a sense of relief and gratitude.And then I got here and every single person I encountered was amazing. I couldn’t be more thankful to the people helping me along the way, each easing my mind a little more.”

Rachel realized she was not alone. She had the support of the compassionate staff at Women’s Health, including professional counselors and an experienced medical team. “(It) wasn’t easy or painless, but it was the right choice. I am so thankful for everyone here.”

We are committed to providing patients with high quality, yet affordable care. However, patient fees only cover about half of the cost of providing abortion services at Women’s Health. Last year, more than $100,000 in donations was required to close that gap. No governmental funding is available to support abortion services and insurance coverage is rare, which is why we must rely on generous individuals like you to make up the difference.

The consequences of unplanned pregnancy can be devastating. But when people have the tools necessary to decide if and when they want to parent, everyone benefits. When every child is a wanted child, the world will change for the better. We will reduce poverty and domestic violence. We will improve health and wellbeing, and we will create stable families – for everyone and around the world.

Your donation today will help to keep our patient fees low, without compromising the quality of care. Because of you, patients like Rachel will access compassionate care at a price they can afford.

Thank you for understanding the importance of ensuring access to care. While some continue to demonize abortion patients and providers, you stand up for your values. You know what this issue should be about… not morality, but the right to make important decisions for ourselves and our families – because no one else can possibly be in a better position to do so.

When Rachel found herself in a difficult situation, she and her family received the emotional, medical, and financial support they needed from Women’s Health. Every patient we see here is met with that same level of compassion and respect. Will you please make a generous gift today in support of abortion services to ensure this high level of care continues?

As we celebrate National Women’s Health Week this month, we are reminded of how far we must go to ensure that every woman is able to make the choice that is best for her and her unique situation. Thank you for continuing to fight with us.



Susan Buchanan

Executive Director

Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center | 303-440-9320 x124


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