Q. What will happen during the initial visit?

A. During the initial visit, our doctor will review the patient’s medical history and make an appropriate plan with the patient. We want each patient’s plan to be individualized for their particular need. Most of the time, the initial visit will include blood work after the individualized plan has been made.

Q. Do you accept insurance for transgender services?

A. Women’s Health accepts most major insurance plans.  Please check with your insurance company to verify that transgender hormonal services are a covered benefit under your plan. We also accept insurance for annual exams, family planning services, STI testing and treatment, and other gynecology visits.

Q. Do you have a sliding scale or payment plan for transgender services?

A. Trans services are offered on a sliding scale based on income for patients without insurance. Proof of income is required to qualify for a discount. Patients who are paying out of pocket can also return to the clinic at a later time for tests we have recommended in order to spread out the expense of the visits and the tests. Sliding scale discounts apply only to the office visits and labs, since the hormones themselves are purchased at a pharmacy, not at Women’s Health.

Q. Do you offer transgender services for adolescents?

A. We offer transgender hormone therapy for people 18 and over. We can offer referrals for adolescent hormone therapy for sex reassignment, and we offer preventive care such as annuals exams, family planning services, and STI testing and treatment for all ages regardless of gender identity.

Q. Can patients access transgender services at Women’s Health Longmont clinic?

A. The initial visit must be with our medical director at the Boulder clinic. Follow-up visits and blood draws, if needed, may be done at our Longmont clinic.

Q. Can patients give their own hormone injections at home after they have been prescribed?

A. Yes, if a patient wishes to give their own hormone injections at home instead of returning to the clinic, we are happy to train the patient to do so.

Q. What hormones do you use?

A. There are many different options for hormones. Our doctor will work with each patient individually to make a plan that works best for the patient. Most of the time, we will prescribe testosterone injections for FTM patients, and estrogen (oral or patch) and testosterone blockers (oral) for MTF patients.