100 Days of Horror

This Saturday marks 100 days in office for President Trump—which sounds more like the opening line of a horror story than a significant political milestone. From the signing of the Global Gag Rule on Day 1, right through to today’s appointment of a prominent anti-abortion leader to Health & Human Services, the Trump Administration’s actions have hurt women, immigrants, the LGBTQIA+ community, low income families, and communities of color in ways we are only beginning to feel.

To recognize Trump’s first 100 days, we decided to recap all the actions he has taken against issues of human rights and reproductive justice.

Here’s a run-down of what’s happened so far:

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Because of the Trump Administration's Gag Rule, which bans Title X clinics from providing or referring for abortion care, Women's Health will withdraw from the Title X program and forgo federal funds.

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This move is a cruel attack on personal autonomy, the right to receive accurate health information without political agenda, and safe, legal abortion care.