Abortion Counseling


Women’s Health is committed to providing you, as an abortion patient, with acceptance, respect for your ethical process, and emotional support during your abortion experience.

At the time of your abortion appointment, you will meet individually with a counselor. The counseling services we provide are confidential, non-judgmental, respectful and empowering. Each woman is free to discuss as much or as little of her experience with unintended pregnancy as she chooses.

The counselor will provide detailed information about the abortion procedure, possible complications, and aftercare. The counseling session is also an opportunity to ask questions, to talk about how this experience has been for you, and any emotional, religious, or relationship issues you may wish to discuss.

You will also be encouraged to choose a birth control method. We can provide you with information, counseling, and a prescription, and we will explain how to use the method you choose.

Our counseling staff also offers post-abortion counseling free of charge at any time in the future. Many women may not want or need this, but our patients confirm that having this support available is important to them.

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