Mission, Visions, and Values



As a local, independent provider, our mission is to offer accessible, evidence-based, and compassionate health care, including abortion, family planning, gynecology, gender-affirming services, community education, and sexual health support.



Women’s Health envisions an informed community of people empowered to make health-related choices that support vibrant, full lives.​​



CARE—We provide medically accurate information and individualized, evidence-based care to our community, regardless of a patient’s race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical attributes, immigration status, or language.


COMPASSION—We demonstrate compassion in everything we do. We are committed to maintaining a respectful, kind, caring, inclusive, and safe environment for our patients and our staff.


COMMUNITY—As a local provider, we contribute to the vitality of our community by removing barriers to access; offering patient care through the lens of the social determinants of health; and continually supporting reproductive justice.


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