1 in 4 Women Will Have an Abortion by the Age of 45.

All people of reproductive age face decisions regarding whether or when
to bear a child. We trust each person
to make the choice that is best
for them and their unique situation.

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We believe in and support reproductive freedom. 


As the first abortion clinic in Colorado, BVWHC provides affordable, sliding scale abortion care that is high-quality, supportive, respectful, and caring.


Abortions are provided at our Boulder location for people from the Denver metro area, throughout Colorado and all other states in the U.S.


We respect and protect the confidentiality and privacy of all patients.

Abortion Care

Our physicians and staff provide warm, compassionate and confidential care in the quiet and secluded environment of our Boulder clinic. 

We offer two different first-trimester abortion procedures: an in-clinic procedure and medication abortion (abortion pill).

Long-term birth control methods, such as IUDs or Nexplanon, are available on the day of your abortion appointment.

Other methods of birth control are also available.Your provider will discuss birth control options with you.​


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Abortion services are offered at our Boulder location only.

"I am so grateful for the care I received here. From making my decision to scheduling my appointment to receiving care, I felt supported the whole way through."