Message from our CEO

Dear Friends,

We couldn’t have made it through 2020 without you. What a year! Although we’re not out of the woods quite yet, we are hopeful about a return to peace and civility in our nation and a decline of COVID-19 as more and more people get vaccinated.

Here at BVWHC, we are most grateful for our generous and dedicated community. To all those who supported us in 2020 through a gift of money, time, or moral support, THANK YOU!  We were deeply touched by the overwhelming response on Colorado Gives Day when we received $53,000 in donations -- $3,000 over our goal! The generosity of donors on that day, as well as throughout the year-end giving season, helped lessen the impact of lost funding sources and cancelled events this past year.

As we move forward into 2021, we will continue to offer telehealth appointments and keep our doors open (safely) for in-person visits. We hope to initiate some new services as well, so stay tuned.

Thank you again, and a Happy 2021 to us all!

Cynthia Molina, CEO


Boulder County Student Works to Increase Access to Menstrual Hygiene Products in Schools

When it came time for Millie Keogh, senior at Peak to Peak Charter School, to choose a topic for her Capstone Project, her thoughts turned to what she saw as an unmet need – the lack of free and accessible menstrual products in school restrooms. Currently such products, if available in schools at all, are typically in the nurse’s office, which may be difficult to access during the school day, or in vending machines requiring quarters, which disproportionately impacts lower income students and is impractical for the many who don’t carry quarters in this cash-less age.

As she researched, Millie was concerned to learn about the number of students impacted by this problem and the stigma that still exists. According to a recent study by PERIOD and Thinx, one in five teens in the U.S. have struggled to afford period products or have been unable to purchase them at all, and one in four have missed class due the lack of access to these products. Across the country, school districts, prisons and shelters are beginning to provide these products for free, realizing they are as essential to basic hygiene as providing toilet paper and soap.

Millie’s goal is to approach the Boulder Valley School District this spring, equipped with the research and data she’s been collecting all year. She believes her proposal fits well under the BVSD’s “Excellence Through Equity” initiative as an issue of gender and income inequality. Eventually, she would love to see this happen in schools statewide.

In the meantime, Millie will be preparing to graduate this spring and plans on attending Dartmouth in the fall.


Supreme Court OKs White House Request to Limit Abortion Pill Access During Pandemic (NPR)

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday granted a Trump administration request to reinstate restrictions for patients seeking to obtain a drug used to terminate early pregnancies.

The decision, issued over a dissent from the court's liberal judges, reinstates a requirement for patients to pick up the drug, mifepristone, in person. Three lower courts had blocked the Food and Drug Administration's in-person pick-up requirement for mifepristone during the coronavirus pandemic, citing the risks of contracting COVID-19 at a doctor's office or a hospital.

It's the first abortion-related decision since last year's swearing in of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, whose presence on the high court bench ensured a new conservative majority. Abortion-rights advocates have been fearful of what a conservative majority could do to chip away at legal protections for abortion. Read full story

For more on SCOTUS, read Supreme Court's New Supermajority: What It Means For Roe v. Wade.

Abortion Providers Watching Capitol Violence Say They’ve ‘Seen This Rage Before’ (Rewire News Group)

Unfortunately, abortion providers are all too familiar with the sort of violence that recently played out at the Capitol.

Anti-abortion violence has wreaked havoc on clinics for decades: fire bombings, shootings, and ceaseless harassment, have forced clinic directors to barricade their medical facilities and stock them with bulletproof vests and staff trained to respond to mass violence at any given moment. All for providing necessary and critical medicine. Read full story.

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