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All people of reproductive age face decisions regarding whether or when to bear a child. The staff at Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center trusts each person to make the choice that is best for them and their unique situation. As the first abortion clinic in Colorado, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center provides abortion care that is high quality, supportive, respectful, and caring. Abortion care is provided at our Boulder location only, although we serve people from throughout the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado as well as from other states, such as Texas and Oklahoma. Confidentiality is paramount, and we protect the privacy of all patients.

Abortion Care

Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center (Women’s Health) was founded in 1973 as the first abortion clinic in Colorado. Today, we offer a full range of gynecology and reproductive health care, including safe, affordable abortion services.

Our physicians and staff provide warm, compassionate care in the quiet and secluded environment of our Boulder clinic. Confidentiality is a concern for many people. We understand this concern and protect the privacy of all our patients.

Two different first-trimester abortion procedures are available at Women’s Health – an in-clinic procedure and medication abortion (abortion pill). Read about the difference on the Procedure page or on this Pill v. Procedure chart.

Long-term birth control methods, such as IUDs or Nexplanon, are available on the day of your abortion appointment. Other methods of birth control are also available. Your provider will discuss birth control options with you.

Find more information about our Abortion Services here:


Note: Abortion services are offered at our Boulder location only.

Women’s Health is certified by the National Abortion Federation and is a proud member of the Feminist Abortion Network (FAN) and the Abortion Care Network (ACN). Women’s Health is an independent, local abortion provider and not affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

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