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STIs, or sexually-transmitted infections, are infections passed from one person to another through sexual contact. At Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, our expert staff provides testing for STIs, so you can resolve the infection, manage it if it can’t be cured, and reduce the risk of infecting others. Call us to make an appointment at our Longmont or Boulder clinic.

STI Testing


Is an STI the same as an STD?

While some people may be more familiar with the term STD (sexually transmitted disease), at Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, we use the term sexually-transmitted infection (STI) instead. The word disease can imply a long-term medical condition with obvious signs or symptoms. However, many sexually transmitted infections show no symptoms and can be cleared up with treatment. An STI can be caused by bacteria, a virus, or other type of microscopic organism.

What STIs can I be tested for?

We offer testing, diagnosis, and testing for the following:

  • Chlamydia

  • Gonorrhea

  • Herpes

  • HPV (including genital warts)

  • Pubic lice/crabs

  • Syphilis

  • Trichomoniasis

Some sexually-transmitted diseases can be cured with antibiotics, while others can be treated but not cured.

What are the symptoms of an STI?

Anyone who is sexually active is susceptible to developing an STI, and the symptoms vary according to the type of infection. Some STIs won't show any symptoms, so it's important to get tested even if you haven't noticed anything different. However, here are some symptoms to watch for:

  • Sores or clusters of blisters

  • Pelvic pain that’s not related to your period

  • Unusual discharge

  • Pain when urinating or blood in the urine

  • Abnormal vaginal spotting or bleeding

Even if the symptoms disappear after a few days or weeks, the infection may remain and still require treatment. It is not true that once you have an STI that you can’t get it again -- they can recur.

What if I need to be tested for HIV/AIDS?

Boulder County AIDS Project offers free rapid HIV testing to Women’s Health patients. These tests are available at our Boulder location on the first two Tuesdays of the month from 4-6pm, and at our Longmont location the third Wednesday of the month from 4-6pm. Testing is provided on a first come, first served basis.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, BCAP has temporarily suspended their offsite testing services at BVWHC. However, free, at-home HIV testing is available to anyone who is interested.  Please see for more information.

How can I prevent STIs?

Abstinence from sexual contact is the most reliable way to avoid STIs, but isn’t always practical. Other precautions:

  • Know if your partner has other partners too

  • Limit the number of sexual partners you have

  • Use a condom or dental dam during sex

  • Visit your doctor or nurse practitioner for annual exams

  • Get treatment for suspicious genital symptoms immediately

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