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Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center offers comprehensive sexual and gender-affirming health services in a nonjudgmental, inclusive, and culturally competent environment for individuals of all gender and sexual identities in and around Boulder and Longmont, Colorado. Services include general preventive health care, counseling consultation for hormone therapy, hormone therapy initiation and management, and referral information for gender affirmation surgery.

Transgender Q & A

Note: Dr. Weinberg is no longer working for Women's Health, so new patients may experience a wait for their initial appointment as we shift staff duties. If you would rather get started sooner, please call our main office to get connected with providers in the Denver metro area who also provide hormone therapy.

What is meant by “culturally competent” health care?

Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center welcomes people of all gender and sexual identities. We seek to be a welcoming and safe place, and we are committed to using correct names and pronouns for you and any support persons with you. NOTE: Due to insurance regulations, the name and gender markers in your medical chart are required to match the name and gender markers on your insurance (if you are using insurance to cover your visits with BVWHC). Despite this, we will also note your correct name and pronouns, and use them in our service relationship with you.

Can I get a hormone therapy referral letter at BVWHC?

UPDATE March 2021: Under new guidelines issued by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a referral letter is no longer needed to seek trans hormone services.

What happens during initial and subsequent hormone therapy visits?

During the initial visit, the doctor reviews your medical history and your goals in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Some initial blood work is usually performed. Subsequent visits involve blood draws and follow-ups to monitor your experience with your hormone therapy and make adjustments as needed. These visits are available at both our Boulder and Longmont locations with our medical provider and advanced practice nurses.

Can I give myself my own hormone injections at home after they have been prescribed?

Yes. If you’re prescribed hormones that require injections, we arrange injection teaching visits at our clinic to train you on how to give yourself injections safely and effectively.

What hormones are used?

Many different options for hormones are available. The doctor works with you to make a plan that is best for your goals. Most of the time, the doctor prescribes testosterone injections for masculinizing therapy, and estrogen and testosterone blockers for feminizing therapy.

Do you offer hormonal services for adolescents?

We currently offer hormone therapy for people ages 18 and over. We can offer referrals for adolescents who are interested in gender affirming treatments. We offer preventive care such as annual exams, family planning services, and STI testing and treatment for all ages and gender and sexual identities. The True Center for Gender Diversity at Children’s Hospital Denver offers hormonal therapy for those under 18. They can be reached at 720-777-8783.

Does BVWHC offer gender affirmation surgeries?

BVWHC is not equipped to offer surgical options, but we can offer a referrals list of gender confirmation surgeons. Also, most gender confirmation surgeons require two referral letters, so if you may be planning for surgery in the future, a letter from our counseling supervisor will help you toward that goal.

Do you have a sliding scale or payment plan?

Some services are offered on a sliding scale based on income for individuals without insurance or those who prefer self-pay options. BVWHC determines where you land on the sliding scale by reviewing your income, so you will need to bring proof of income (recent paystub) to qualify for a discount. Patients who are paying out of pocket can also return to the clinic at a later time for tests we have recommended in order to spread out the expense of the visits and tests. Sliding scale discounts apply only to the medical visits and labs. The sliding scale does not apply to the counseling consult or to the cost of the hormones, which are purchased at a pharmacy, not at BVWHC.

Can BVWHC sign the form to change my gender designation on my driver’s license or ID?

As of Nov. 30, 2018, Coloradans can now choose the non-binary “X” as their sex identification on their CO Driver’s License or ID card instead of M or F. Colorado is one of only a handful of states that offer this option. To change your designation, the state of Colorado requires the signature of a licensed medical or behavioral health professional on a “DR2083 Change of Sex Designation Form.” There is no requirement beyond that, such as that the person undergo any particular medical treatment or counseling or surgery. BVWHC offers this service for any of our established patients (patients who have been seen at BVWHC within the last 3 years). There is no charge for this service for established patients. Just fill out the form, print it out and bring it in. We will have a provider sign it (within a week) and contact you when it’s ready to pick up.

Consent Forms for Hormonal Therapy


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